Pretzel for Windows

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Pretzel Rocks for Windows

Pretzel Rocks for Windows

Pretzel for Windows

Pretzel for Windows Features:

Pretzel for Livestreaming
Save time with our exquisitely crafted playlists, perfect for creators

Stations, stations and more stations
Pretzel currently has over 60 curated stations, each with hours of music. (Plus: we’re adding more stations constantly!) Just select your vibe, hit play and get back to streaming. From chill to edm, rock to country, there are notes in there for all tastes. Fancy tuba, accordion, lederhosen, and Oktoberfest? There’s a polka station for that. (PSA: it might cause spontaneous outburst of dancing. Proceed with proper footwear and warn your downstairs neighbors.)

Constantly updated, expertly curated
Our music catalog is always curated and updated with new music by our pro Pretzel Staff. Just turn the player on and let it do its thing. We add over 100 tracks each week - and we are constantly updating them to keep everything live-stream fresh.

Built-In Features tailored for you
Don't these sound great?

Twitch-safe music
Access over 600,000 (and counting) Twitch-safe tracks.

YouTube-safe music
Over 150,000 YouTube-safe tracks—without worrying about content ID strikes.

Download-safe music
Download over 50,000 tracks for your creative adventures.

Curated stations
Enjoy over 60 Pretzel radio stations, each with hours upon hours of hand-selected music at your fingertips.

Native player
Explore genre-based stations that give you all the curated tastes you need to elevate your content.

Hot keys
Is controlling music during your stream a pain? Not with Pretzel. We have built in hot keys and shortcuts to make it easier.

"What's Playing" chat-bot announces tracks directly into your Twitch chat.

Pretzel integrates with popular streaming tools including Streamlabs OBS and Elgato Stream Deck.

Custom overlays
Write track info and cover art to a file on your computer for use in your custom overlays.

Pretzel for Windows Info:

Pretzel is a music solution for live streamers and content creators on Twitch and YouTube. We provide licensed music for use in your monetized live streams and VODs. With Pretzel, there's no need to worry about DMCA Takedown Request or Copyright Infringement Strikes against your channel. We enable our users to promote the music they love while compensating rights holders fairly.

Pretzel is designed to serve three types of creatives: the Twitch streamer, the YouTuber, and last but not least, the Artist/Rights holder. Above all, we consider honesty, integrity, and facilitating good practice the pillars of our service. We wholeheartedly believe that Content Creators and Rights Holders should be free to do what they love while being backed by the support of a thriving community. Our vision is for Pretzel to become the one-stop shop for all your music needs and a place where Artists feel recognized for their contributions; without them, none of this would be possible. 

Pretzel is not a Free service, though we do offer a Free 14-day trial to new users to get acquainted with our offerings. After all, there's no better way to determine if we're a good fit for your needs without giving us a test run! Save more by subscribing Annually! start your free trial and be taken to a direct link to our Monthly and Yearly pricing options. We look forward to you becoming a member of our growing community!

Can I use my personal music collection on Pretzel?
In a word, no.
One of the things that separate Pretzel from traditional music players like WinAmp or Foobar is that we actually cultivate the music catalog that goes along with it.
We have custom music licensing that our artists and labels sign which grants Pretzel users legal permission to use their tracks on monetized streaming content.
If a user were able to pipeline in The Beatles from their own personal library, the safety of our catalog would be nullified.
If unlicensed music is used, VODs would be muted and copyright claims would be issued because we've not acquired the appropriate licensing to go along with those tracks.
If you would like more music to be featured on Pretzel, why not mention us to your favorite artist? That would be a great help! 

How do I get started with Pretzel?
Easy! Head over to our website to sign up!
Once you have signed up for your account you can play Pretzel in your browser, download our desktop app (Windows or Mac), or install our Streamlabs OBS application.

Quick Tips:
The panel at the top of your player controls your curation options like Youtube Safe, Instrumental, Mature and Download.
The Avatar to the top right hand corner is where you'll find your setting options.
The panel to the left-hand side of the player controls the stations, playlists, and search feature.
The panel at the very bottom of the player shows which song is currently playing or was last played and allows you to -  like, dislike, copy the link to the track etc.

Pretzel Rocks for Windows

Pretzel for Windows Information:

What is Pretzel... and why does it rock?
Simply put, Pretzel is the world’s largest collection of Twitch and YouTube-safe music for creators. Aka, you.

Easily license music for Twitch & YouTube
DMCA-safe music is a must for online creators, and with Pretzel you can quickly find the tracks you need to monetize your streams and VODs. Gone are the days of content ID strikes: just download our desktop player or stream instantly from your browser and you’re ready to roll. And you can rest assured all artists are paid fairly for their work - everyone wins with Pretzel.

Enjoy a continuously updated, custom curated catalog
Each and every week, Pretzel's expert curators update our music catalogue. What does this mean for you? Endless hours of stream-safe music and stellar stations for whatever mood, time of year, vibe, or genre you need. We gotcha covered, no matter what.

Need Twitch & YouTube-Safe Music? We Got It.
Hey friends. Welcome to the world’s largest catalog of music for all your streaming and downloading needs. Ready to rock? Let’s get started.

Pretzel by the numbers
Proof is in the stats: let's check some out.
600k Twitch-safe tracks
150k YouTube-safe tracks
550k Pretzel users
25k Hours of music
100+ Tracks added weekly
100% Awesomeness

Head bopping LoFi

Relax, Unwind and Chill

Happy EDM
Uplifting EDM to keep you smiling

What's hot: Stations
Your faves for this week’s stellar stations.

Control Pretzel natively from
your Stream Deck
Up your streaming game with the Pretzel desktop app and Stream Deck integration. 15+ custom actions = 100% awesomeness!

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