PowerDirector 365 for Windows

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CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Download

PowerDirector 365 for Windows

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Features New Update:

Video Effects: You don’t need to be a VFX artist to create Hollywood-style visual effects.
AI Auto Face Blur, AI Anime Video Effect, AI Background Remover, AI Body Effects, AI Object Detection, AI Sky Replacement, AI Motion Tracking, Video Collage, Chroma Key/Green Screen, Video & Title Masks, Blending Modes, Keyframe Controls.

Content & Editing Tools: Everything you need to create the perfect cut.
AI Image Generator, AI Sticker Maker, Millions of Royalty-Free Stock, AI Speech To Text Transcription, Thousands of Intro Templates, Transitions, Animated Stickers, Customizable Animated Titles, Animated Overlays, Background Music & Sound Effects, Portrait Preview.

Fix & Enhance Footage: Make every shot look its best no matter the shooting conditions.
Video Stabilizer, Video Speed Controls, Color Match, LUTs, Split Toning, HDR Effect, Color Enhancement, Lens Correction, Pan & Zoom Effects.

Audio Editing: Achieve pristine sound every time.
AI Text to Speech, AI Voice Changer, AI Restoration Assistant, AI Audio Denoise, AI Speech Enhancement, AI Wind Removal, AI DeReverb, Vocal Remover, Vocal Transformer, Audio Ducking, Audio Smart Fit.

Plug-Ins & Performance: All the extras a creator needs.
Screen Recording, Live Streaming, 3rd Party Plug-ins, Performance Boost, GPU Optimization.

Powerful Tools, Infinite Possibilities, Inspiration Included:
Unleash your creativity with the high-end performance and precision of PowerDirector 365. Harness the power of professional editing tools with an intuitive user interface, take advantage of a massive stock library, and bring your video ideas to life with monthly design packs.

  • Mask Designer: Create hyper-realistic image composites or expressive surrealist shots with our new advanced mask tools. Cut and combine images from different clips with unparalleled precision.
  • Dynamic Keyframe Controls: We’ve enhanced keyframing to provide more control over anchor points enabling dynamic motion as well as a new hold interpolation mode to apply your effects where you want them when you want them.
  • Customizable Motion Graphic Titles: Introduce every scene with an epic title. Use one of our stunning, ready-to-use motion graphic titles and customize the text and shape color to match your style.
  • Sketch Animation Overlays: Create the perfect tutorial video with animated sketch templates. Customize the size and color to match your style.
  • Refine and Match Colors, Fast Set the tone. Keep color consistent across clips with one click or manually adjust the hue, saturation and brightness to match your look.
  • Add Customized Shape Objects: Insert customizable vector shapes with auto-fit text and precise keyframe controls. Choose from a wide range of text bubbles and callouts.
  • Dynamic Title Reveals: Get complete control over title animations and appearance with advanced tools to mask and reveal titles.
  • Green Screen Editing: Perform Hollywood-style green screen editing thanks to an improved chroma key engine and multi-key color sampling.
  • Intuitive Motion Tracking: Ensure 100% object tracking accuracy in your video clips with frame-by-frame motion tracking for both shapes and titles.
Easily Apply Speed Effects & One-Click Enhancements
Our Action Camera Center gives you everything you need to make quick edits, correct and enhance footage, as well as adjust frames, motion and more. Create the story you want, in just a few clicks!

  • black silhouette icon used to represent fast motion. Slow Motion & Fast Motion Effects.
  • A black rectangle with a white pause button visual in the middle Reverse, Repeat & Replay.
  • Three overlayed white rectangles with a different stylized black silhouette one each Stop Motion, Freeze Frame, Zoom & Pan.
  • Black and white stylized illustration that looks like a fish from the side but also looks like an eye viewed from the front Correct Fish-Eye Distortions.
  • pattern of squares with different shades of grey with a magnifying glass on top. Correct White Balance.
  • stylized illustration of a single video frame with wavy lines on each sides. Stabilize S.
CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Download

PowerDirector 365 for Windows

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Info:

Premium Design Packs for Immersive Story-Telling
Never lack creative inspiration. Select from an ever-growing collection of animated titles, transitions, color presets and music to fulfill your creative vision. Get access to new design packs every month!

  • Title Templates: Enhance your projects with a large collection of cinematic titles.
  • Transitions: Turn your videos into spectacular productions using glitch effects, distortions and more.
  • Color Grading Presets: Achieve a precise style or mood throughout your production using LUTs.
  • Music & Sound Effects: Create immersive videos with background music and sound effects.

Exceed Expectations
PowerDirector is renowned for being the world's fastest, most comprehensive video editing software. And with support for the latest video, photo, and audio formats, you’ll be ready to tackle projects of any size.
  • Fast, by Design: Don’t waste time waiting for your software to respond! Experience a superior editing performance with Intel 10th gen CPU optimization.
  • Professional Grade Support: Import and edit video shot on professional-grade cameras and in HEVC & VP9 10bit HDR10 & HLG, ProRes 10bit 4:2:2, XAVC 8bit 4:2:0 and MXF AVC 8bit 4:2:0 video compatibility. As well as support for AAC 5.1ch sound output.

Streamlined Workflow for YouTubers, Vloggers & Instagrammers
PowerDirector streamlines the workflow to make routine video production easier than ever - making it the best video editing software for Windows video creators!
  • Seamless Integration: Export your entire audio mix from PowerDirector directly into AudioDirector to deliver polished, pristine sound.
  • Nested Projects as PiP: Repurpose previous project files inside your new ones, and use keyframes to fully control the PiP object.
  • Audio Scrubbing: Hear audio while dragging the playhead through a project to quickly find a scene you need.
  • Video Pre-cut: Pre-cut long clips into short, reusable segments that you can use repeatedly throughout multiple projects.
  • Library Preview Window: Split-window mode for previewing clips, trimming, & inserting onto your timeline.
  • 4K Preview: Preview your projects in 4K quality, and see how your video will look before you produce.
CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Download

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 System Requirements for Windows:
Operating System: 64bit Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7**
CPU Processor: Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above. Full-HD video editing: Intel Corei5 or AMD Phenom II X4 above recommended. 2K/4K/3D/360° video editing*: Intel Corei7 or AMD FX series above recommended.
Graphics Card: 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher (1 GB or higher VRAM and OpenCL capable are recommended). DirectX 11 compatible for 360° video editing.
[NVIDIA]: GeForce 8500GT/9800GT and above. GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 200/400/500/600/700/800/900/1000 Series. GeForce RTX 2000 series
[AMD / ATI]: AMD APU Family with AMD Radeon™ HD Graphics: A-Series, E2-Series, C-Series, E-Series, G-Series. AMD Radeon™ Graphics: RX Series, R9 Series, R7 Series, R5 Series,HD 7000 Series, HD 6000 Series. ATI Radeon™ HD Graphics: 5900 Series, 5800 Series, 5700 Series, 5600 Series, 5500 Series, 5400 Series. 
ATI FirePro™ Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD: 5800 Series, 5700 Series, 5600 Series, 5400 Series. ATI Mobility FirePro™: M7820, M5800
[Intel] HD Graphics and above
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above.
Memory: 2GB required (8GB or above recommended)
Hard Disk Space (Installation): 7GB required minimum, 10 GB (20 GB recommended) for DVD production, 60 GB (100 GB recommended) for Blu-ray Disc/AVCHD production.
Burning Drive: A DVD burner (DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW) is required to burn DVD/AVCHD* titles. A Blu-ray Disc recordable drive is required to burn Blu-ray Discs*.
Internet Connection: Required for initial software and file format activation. It is also required to access the subscription version, and for online services.
Other: Windows Media Player 9 or above is required.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 System Requirements for MacOS:
Operating System: Mac OSX 10.14
Processor (CPU): Intel Core™ i-series or Apple M1 (with Rosetta support).
Graphics Processor (GPU): Standard Video: 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher.
Memory: 4GB required (6GB or above recommended).
Hard Disk Space: 7GB.
Sound Card: Mac OSX compatible sound card is required.
Internet Connection: Internet connection is required for initial software & file format activation. Internet connection and registration are necessary for downloading software updates (patches).
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above.
Language Support; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (European), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Dutch.

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