Enable Viacam for Windows

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Enable Viacam for Windows

Enable Viacam for Windows

Enable Viacam (aka eViacam) is a free mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera. No additional hardware is required. Based on the award winning Facial Mouse software.

With eViacam, you will be able to control your computer without using your hands. eViacam uses an standard web camera to track your face motion and move the mouse pointer accordingly. It also provides several methods for clicking.

Enable Viacam for Windows

Enable Viacam for Windows Features:

Enable Viacam (eViacam) is a mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head.
It works on standard PC equipped with a webcam. No additional hardware is required.
It's completely free, open source and easy to use!

Elements and Features
Hands-free: Control your computer with intuitive head movements. No need to use your hands!

Wireless: Works with any good quality webcam. No cables, no dots, no additional hardware required.

Easiness and simplicity: Simple installation, intuitive use. The integrated configuration wizard gets you started easily.

Customizability: Pointer speed, motion acceleration and smoothness, dwelling time, and many other variables can be adjusted to fit the user's needs.

User autonomy: Specifically designed to eliminate the need for assistance after installation.

Enable Viacam (eViacam) is a mouse substitution free program that moves the pointer as you move your head. It chips away at a standard Windows PC furnished with a webcam. No extra equipment is required. It's totally free, open-source, and simple to utilize! Enable Viacam is free programming delivered under the conditions of the GNU/GPL 3.

Enable Viacam for Windows Info:

Working environment
The working environment of Enable Viacam is composed of three basic elements.
Main window.
The main window shows the image of the camera and provides access to all commands and configuration options. Once Enable Viacam is started, this window opens and begins streaming live video. Make sure that image quality and capture speed fulfill the required standards for a correct operation (see About webcams for further details). In the live video area the Tracking Area (blue blox) is depicted. This is the blue rectangle shown in the screenshot. The motion picked up inside this area is the key for the operation of eViacam. Please refer to the configuration wizard for more information about how to properly configure the Tracking Area.

Click Window.
The Click Window is a complement for selecting among the different kinds of click (left, right, drag & drop, and double click) in Dwell Click mode. Please, refer to Click window for further details.

Task bar icon.
Allows to restore or minimize the main window.

Useful links
Robbie Ferguson suffers from RSI Ulnar Nerve Entrapment which causes him pain when working too hard at the desk. When needed, he uses eViacam as a mouse complement to reduce strain from RSI. In this episode of his Category5 Technology TV, Robbie along with Sasha and Jeff, shows you how to install eViacam on Linux Mint 19 and how it works.

The Precision Gaze Mouse is a FOSS which provides and interesting approach for hands-free computer control. It combines the eye-tracking technology with the face-tracking one. The Precision Gaze Mouse offers the best of both worlds: the speed of gaze tracking, and the precision of head tracking. You can instantly move the mouse pointer by just looking to the desired position and then use the movements of your head to reach the right spot with precision. In this page describes how to set up it with eViacam.

Alessandro de Oliveira writes about altruism, open source and eViacam (in Portuguese).

Enable Viacam for Windows

Enable Viacam for Windows Information:

Download and installation
Windows Vista/7/8/10
Get eViacam for Windows

EVA Facial Mouse

Debian 10+/Ubuntu 18.10+
Open a terminal and run: sudo apt-get install eviacam
Older Debian/Ubuntu or Linux Mint: You might find useful this installation script and this Category 5 TV episode. For more info check this comment.
Other distros: Compile from sources. See INSTALL

Latest source tarball (2.1.0)
git repository
Enable Viacam for Windows Download

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