EDIUS Pro for Windows

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EDIUS Pro for Windows

EDIUS Pro for Windows

EDIUS Pro for Windows

EDIUS Pro for Windows Features:

Version 11.00_13511 (1/23/2024)
Added keyboard operations to the bin window
*Added operations are as below:
Folder View: Changing folder selection (cursor keys up/down)
Clip View: Changing clip selection ([Ctrl] + cursor keys), Toggling selection ([Ctrl] + Space), Range selection ([Shift] + cursor keys).

Version 11.00_13465 (1/11/2024)
Improved the performance of opening a project
*This improvement takes effect for projects meet both of the following conditions:
1.Saved with EDIUS 11
2.Saved with EDIUS on the same PC (For Chorus Hub environment, this condition is not required because the databases on the PCs are synchronized)
*See here for details
Changed the Recent Project list to display paths of projects opened from network drives as UNC paths.

Version 11.00_13147 (11/21/2023)
–Added “Add Title…” to the context menu of the Bin window
–Added “Edit…” to the context menu of Bin window to edit color bar clips, color matte clips and title clips
–Added a feature to register a folder containing supported source formats with the folder structure held intact
–Added new Upgrade / Jump upgrade license types to EDIUS 11 Pro
–Supports importing XAVC H clips.

Version 11.00_12965 (10/25/2023)
–Added new license types to EDIUS 11 Pro
–Added features as below by upgrading Blackmagic RAW SDK to v3.4:
 –Added support for Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K OLPF
 –Added support for automatically rotating vertical video files
 –Added support for Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K
 –Added support for Blackmagic RAW files shot by Panasonic LUMIX S5II, S5IIX and GH6
 –Added support for Blackmagic RAW files shot by Fujifilm X-S20 and GFX100 II
–Upgraded RED SDK to v8.4.0 so that some potential issues when decoding RED files are fixed.

Version 11.00_12809 (10/11/2023)
–Adjustment clip function
–Target export presets for Social media
–Mync Window
–Quick project start from Mync
–Sony XAVC H support (Coming soon)
–HEIF support
–Avid DNxHD / DNxHR support
–OFX Plug-in native support
–3rd party hardware support update
–New Bonus Contents plugin package (Titler, Audio Editor, Audio filter, Video filter/transitions).

EDIUS Pro for Windows Info:

Video altering can be a troublesome undertaking in the event that you don't have a decent video altering programming that is easy to utilize. Luckily, there are such countless various applications to browse available. These applications can help you with regards to growing excellent tasks. EDIUS X Genius is one such application that is profoundly respected in the video altering local area. Notwithstanding, the main way you can run this utility on your PC is assuming you have an EDIUS ID and QuickTime.

EDIUS X denotes the begin another period of nonlinear altering. It accompanies a totally upgraded center motor alongside a particular idea permitting considerably more execution for completely adjustable work processes.

It is not difficult to set up this application on a PC since there is no best in class design required. The establishment cycle is very basic. You'll initially be given the End-Client Permit Understanding which you should acknowledge. Then, at that point, you simply click on the Introduce button to start the interaction. All the other things is done consequently. There is compelling reason need to pick which envelope the establishment way will be or any such thing. Indeed, even the alternate route symbol is made for you.

Complete UI
The application has a basic format with numerous open capabilities. You can undoubtedly get to these capabilities with the toolbars and menus that are perfectly spread out and coordinated for you. The elements of the product are very intricate. It assists with having experience with different projects like this one since you will comprehend the elements of the utility all the more without any problem. In any case, assuming you at any point experience difficulty sorting something out, there is an assist manual accessible that you with canning access whenever.

High level Video Venture Creation
To utilize your PC to make progressed video projects, then EDIUS Master offers a few supportive capabilities for this reason. Preceding getting to the essential window, a task record can be created after you give it a name, outline rate, bit worth, and size decision. The size preset choices incorporate DV, SD, HD, and 4K. The scope of the casing rate profiles is between 23.98 p and 59.94i. This gives you bunches of conceivable outcomes. This application allows you to add sound tracks, add video tracks, split the tracks, In and Out Point inclusions, consecutive parting of the tracks, progress impact use, connect the tracks, video catch creation, and sound catch creation.

Library Program Part
Notwithstanding the high level video altering capacities, It incorporates a library the executives part that allows you effectively to sort out satisfied. To add cuts, then pick an organizer that has the upheld documents in it. When you do, every one of the records will be imported consequently. A few things can be added to a top choices list as well. This makes them more straightforward to get to at whatever point you really want them.

EDIUS Pro for Windows

EDIUS Pro for Windows Information:

What are the PC system requirements recommended for EDIUS 11 ?
System Requirements
EDIUS X requires below PC specification. CPU, PC and graphics memory size and supported OS have changed from previous versions:

CPU: Intel 5th Gen or newer processor or equivalent AMD CPU. (AVX 2 support required).
Memory: 8GB minimum (16GB or more required for 4K / 8K editing).
Hard Disk: System:6 GB of SSD or hard drive with SATA/7,200 rpm or faster. Media: Separate partition on high-speed drive. *Additional high-speed drive recommended.
Graphic Card:1.Supporting higher resolution than 1024×768 32-bit. Direct3D 9.0c or later and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required. 2.1GB minimum video memory for SD/HD editing (2GB minimum video memory in 4K / 8K editing).
Sound Card: Sound card with WDM driver support is required.
Optical Drive: For burning a media, separate authoring option and a burner corresponding to the media you want to create is required.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit (version 21H2 or later). Windows 11 64-bit. *Other OS are not supported.
Network: Internet connection is required for validation of license and eID.

Are EDIUS / Mync compatible with Windows 11?
Compatible with Windows 11
Compatible with Windows 11 by upgrading to 10.30.8244
Notes on using EDIUS X on Windows 11:
– Third party effect plug-ins that can be downloaded from EDIUS X Bonus Contents web site have been tested
– We have no information of Windows 11 support regarding other plug-ins. Contact the plug-in support
EDIUS Pro for Windows Download

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