oCam for Windows

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oCam for Windows

oCam for Windows

oCam for Windows

oCam for Windows Features:

oCam, Easy and Convenient Screen Recorder
Main product oCam of OhSoft is a powerful video recording program that can record video to be played on the monitor via your PC.
For long time, many people in the world have used this solution so this has been optimized.
This solution can record effectively many internet video including online game using a variety of formats by unlimited length advantages.
Additionally, You can use GIF recording function and WEB-CAM recording function in this solution.

Easy & Convenient Recording
Start & Stop recording just by one click
Screen capture just by one click
Pause & Run just by one click
Sizeing by mouse dragging
Moving record area by mouse draging
Auto saving when recording stopped
Various codecs, Convenient setting
Searching recoding area, intelligently
Easy setting for watermarking
Convenient hot-key setting

Support various video format
MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) container
MKV (Matroska) container
MV4 (iPod MP4) container
MOV (QuickTime) container
WMV (Windows Media Video) container
FLV (Flash Video) container
AVI (Audio Video Interleave) container
TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) container
VOB (MPEG-2 PS) container

oCam for Windows Info:

Setting up oCam - Record - Resize
Learn about the Scale tab settings in the Recording category when you click Tools-Options in the OCam menu. If you check the video size adjustment, the video is resized according to the resolution and quality you set. Supported resolutions (presets) are as follows.

4320p UHD 8K (7680x4320)
2160p UHD 4K (3840x2160)
1440p QHD (2560x1440)
1080p FHD (1920x1080)
720p HD (1280x720)
480p (854x480)
360p (640x360)
240p (426x240)
144p (256x144)
120p (160x120)
96p (128x96)
Half size
Fit width

Fit height: Custom
For 8k video, only MPEG-4 codec is supported. Besides, 8k resolution is not supported because codec is not supported. Even in the case of an external codec, some resolutions may not be supported, so recording may not be possible.

Half size resizes the movie to half the size of the recording area. You can specify the width only and the height is fixed so that the user can specify the horizontal resolution. In the height, the video is resized to the vertical resolution of the recording area.

Specify portrait only and lock horizontally allows the user to specify the vertical resolution, while horizontal resizes the video to the horizontal resolution of the recording area. Custom resizes the video by directly entering the final video size you want to resize. Quality refers to the quality of the recorded video when the video is resized. The higher the quality, the slower the video resize rate. The lower the quality, the faster the video resize rate.

When you run OCAM, the following window pops up and you can learn briefly about each function.

Record: Only screen recording or sound can be recorded.

Capture: Capture your screen or game screen.

Resize: Adjust the size of the recording area.

Open: Open the folder where recorded video, recorded sound and captured image are saved with Windows Explorer.

Codecs: Select the codec you want to use when recording. Basically, you can use Ocam's built-in codec, hardware codec like NVIDIA NVENC, and VFW (external codec).

Sound: You can set whether to record only the system sound, record the microphone together or not record the sound.

Game recording: If you want to record the game, click the Record Game button. If the Record Game button is activated, you can record the game by activating the game window and pressing the Record shortcut key.

oCam for Windows

oCam for Windows Information:
How do I record with OCAM?
Click the Sound button in the Ocam main window. The following menu pops up and it is checked by default that no microphone is recorded. Select the microphone you want to record.

Does oCam have a watermark?
oCam Screen Recorder Review and Alternative
Plenty of choices make oCam simple to modify. A few customizations include Watermarks, Languages, Hotkeys, and Mouse Effect, just as video settings like Time limit.

How does oCam work?
oCam is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to record or capture your desktop screen. The application is able to capture in two modes: full screen or specified area. oCam is also able to capture the sounds currently playing on your computer. The mouse cursor can be included in the output recording.

What is ocam?
The Ohio Coaching & Mentoring Network (OCAM) is a statewide initiative providing capacity building and workforce development for prevention professionals.

Is OCAM screen recorder free?
Screen-capture tool that also records video and audio. For personal use, the program is 100% free. Simple controls and options keep everything simple and straightforward. Support for the most popular audio and video codecs is available.

What is the best codec for Ocam?
Since Nvidia NVENC codec is a hardware encoder, there is almost no frame drop than any built-in codec of OCAM for game recording, and it has the best recording performance, so it is best to use NVENC codec if the graphics card supports it.

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