Movie Maker Free Video Editor for Windows

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Movie Maker Free Video Editor for Windows

Movie Maker Free Video Editor for Windows

Movie Maker Free Video Editor for Windows

Movie Maker Free Video Editor Features:

Movie Creator : Video Editor
Looking for the ultimate Movie Creator & Video Editor? Your search ends here! Craft unforgettable memories with professional editing tools. Now with .MOV and .MP4 support. Best for Windows!

This is one of the best video editor and slideshow maker app in the store. Easily create video story and share with your friends and family. Transform everyday moments into works of art as you want. Easy to use professional editing tools. .MOV and .MP4 support now added.

Multiple video themes which are customizable, so that user can change the text color size and font of that theme. Various stickers for given duration can be applied now! In videos every single sticker can be given time instance for its appearance.

You can also provide the time instance for text and music as well. Stunning trimming and merging feature available. User can trim multiple parts from video and can also select another video and merge.

Apply stunning video filters like Sepia, Mirror, Negative and more. You can add music as well, you can instead add multi music at custom video timeline. You can use trim, split, copy for further advance separation of videos which user had earlier trimmed them. 

You can apply different effect to every trimmed part at any time.
Remove any background music from a video, as that you can apply a new music to it.
Change audio in any video by applying a new background music to it.
Convert your video into mp3/alac/aac/wma/aiff/flac/wav/wma. Email us if you need any other format/extension.

Welcome to the New update. Fixed a bug where app crashed while selecting multi music. We appreciate your feedback sent to us and now we have come up with those changes that you have requested. All the bugs have been fixed and most of the advertisement gone now.! So do take a look at this version and please send us your feedback again!

- New and completely refreshed interface now!
- .MOV and .WMV support added.
- You can merge or join two videos easily from the home page itself.
- You can also trim videos, and custom resize and quality options available like low medium and high.
- Solved the bug when you save the application.
- Individual thumbnails when you trim a video.
- You can also remove the trimmed videos and add again.
- You can share your saved videos now on Instagram.

Bug Fixed:
* Bugs fixed while adding text.
* Bug Fixed, when after video is trimmed sound of video is disabled
* Black Screen bug fixed while adding music in slideshow

Movie Maker Free Video Editor Info:

We have all the features you might need for Movie Creator : Video Editor
All-in-oneMovie Creator : Video Editor in Your Pc
Users have the liberty to trim parts of the recording and merge them with other clips. This trimming and merging feature can be found exclusively in this application. For videos that have been trimmed before and need further separation, or if users simply want to trim, split, and copy those parts, the app provides the necessary tools.
1. Add Photo And Video for movie maker
2. Edit photo and video using movie maker
3. Save And Share

Video editing: Video editing is not just a trend it’s a necessity these days, whether it’s making memes or editing YouTube videos and we have got the best app in the business for you. With movie maker video editor studio or you will have the best experience of video editing with our new and improved features and tools.

Make slideshow: Putting on a slide show of all your favourite pictures can be a great memory trip when all of your family is there. Well with “Movie Maker” you can do it. Slideshow your videos from the beginning or end to make it of any size. Select from the varied options from the desired format and resolution which are inbuilt in the application.

Trim, split, cut videos: Video trimming is an essential part of the video editing process, it requires a lot of patience and hard work but with the right tools, and it can be easy too. Movie Creator – Free Video Editor provides you great assistance with that. Its amazing video trimming feature will make you a pro in a handful of minutes.

Merge videos: Merging videos together is one of the most time-consuming jobs when it comes to video editing but with the new Merge Video option of Movie Creator, it is a very easy thing to do.  select the video you have to trim it by clicking on the trim button and select add video to add another video off next.

Add background music: Mixing audios and videos together is a very technical thing but With Movie Creator – Free Video Editor, it is a trick that is right up your sleeve.  A step by step guide is provided to make it effortless for anyone who decides to use the application. Check Repeat Music button if you want to repeat the same. Select save button to save video.

Mute video: You don’t need to sort out unwanted features application, just upload the video, wait a moment for the tool to process and download the muted video in one simple click.  This process will save you time in the future. If you use this application often it is suggested to keep the folder on desktop.

Extract mp3 - movie maker: Extracting mp3 can become a very tricky task for beginners, sometimes even for the experts as well. But with “Movie Creator – Free Video Editor”, we have made it extremely easy for everyone.

Art & Painting Effect: New Feature of Movie Maker free video editor to add art and Painting effects on your photos & video. without any photo video editing skill you can make an amazing photo videos.

Movie Maker Free Video Editor for Windows

Movie Maker Free Video Editor Information:

Is there a free version of Movie Maker?
Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing program that allows users to create, edit & share videos. As of 2024, however, the download source has changed. This website shows you how to complete your Windows Movie Maker download from an archived source.

Is Movie Studio video editor free?
Movie Studio absolutely free. Your videos are far too good to be forgotten about on some memory card or tape. Summer vacation, birthday party or trip. Download now and make a movie of all your favorite moments.

The completed tasks can be delivered and traded into a wide assortment of configurations, with presets for both excellent home stockpiling and web based sharing. Film Producer Free Video Proofreader has been as of late renamed into Film Maker: Free Video Supervisor and can be downloaded free of charge straightforwardly from Microsoft Store.

The application is 100 percent FREE and is advanced for utilize on any cutting edge Windows 10 PC as well as viable versatile and Windows Center gadgets. Notwithstanding the Complementary plan of purpose, the application likewise offers an unlockable premium level of highlights that can eliminate the always present watermark and open numerous different channels, subjects, stickers, and other general media components.
Movie Maker Free Video Editor Download

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