iVCam for Windows

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iVCam for Windows

iVCam for Windows

iVCam for Windows

iVCam for Windows Features:

Why buy a webcam since you already have a Mobile Phone or Pad?

iVCam turns your Phone/Pad into an HD webcam for Windows PC, which has much better quality than most webcams and is compatible with all webcam-enabled applications. Replace your USB webcam or integrated webcam now with your Phone/Pad! It’s also a perfect baby monitor, spy-cam, security camera and pet-cam.

No enough space on your device? iVCam can record the video directly to your PC, works as a remote video recorder!

Setting up iVCam is very simple – just download and install our client software on your PC and our iVCam app on your phone and you’re ready to go! The connection is fully automatic and requires no manual configuration.

High-quality, real-time video with low latency and fast speed
Automatic connection via Wi-Fi or USB and easy to use
Running in background, does not affect the use of other apps ()
Connect multiple devices to one PC at the same time
Support common video sizes such as 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, etc.
Advanced camera settings – AE/AF, ISO, EC, WB and Zooming
Configurable for video frame rate, quality and encoder
Landscape and Portrait mode supported
Support front/rear, wide angle/telephoto cameras and real-time switching
Support for face beautify, flash, manual/auto focus and video flip/mirror
Background replacement – Blur, Bokeh, Mosaic, Green Screen and more
Audio supported, use your smartphone as a wireless microphone for PC
Completely replaces USB webcam or integrated webcam, compatible with most applications using webcam
Preview video, take pictures and record video files with our Windows client software

iVCam for Windows Info:

iVCam turns your Telephone/Cushion into a HD webcam for Windows PC, which has much preferable quality over most webcams and is viable with all webcam-empowered applications. Supplant your USB webcam or coordinated webcam now with your Telephone/Cushion! It's likewise an ideal child screen, spy-cam, surveillance camera, and pet-cam. Download iVCam 64 digit for PC today!

Elements and Features
Top caliber, constant video with low dormancy and quick speed
Programmed association by means of Wi-Fi or USB and simple to utilize
Multi-example support, interfacing different telephones on one PC
Upholds normal video sizes, for example, 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p and 4K
Configurable for video outline rate, video quality, and sound quality
Scene and Representation mode upheld
Upholds front, back camera and ongoing exchanging
Upholds face embellishing, streak, manual concentration, and video flip/reflect
Sound upheld, utilize your telephone as a remote mouthpiece for PC
Totally replaces USB webcam or coordinated webcam, viable with most applications utilizing a webcam
See video, take pictures, and record video documents with Windows client programming
Upholds most programming that utilizes a webcam, remembering Applications for Microsoft Store like Windows Camera Application

iVCam for Windows

iVCam for Windows Information:

The core function of iVCam is video transmission and video decoding.

Regarding video transmission, USB transmission has no special requirements for computers, while wireless transmission needs to take up the intranet bandwidth of the computer (not related to the Internet bandwidth), and needs a better network (mainly needs a better router).

Regarding video decoding, by default iVCam uses the video card for decoding. The higher the video resolution and frame rate, the higher the GPU usage, so it is recommended to choose the right resolution and frame rate, not just 4K 60fps.

Commonly used graphics cards such as NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti/760 and above, AMD Radeon R9 285 and above, and Intel integrated graphics cards all support video hardware decoding (including H.264 and HEVC). If the video card doesn't support or hardware decoding is not enabled, iVCam will use the CPU to decode the video, which will take up CPU resources. If the video card supports it, it is recommended to enable hardware decoding (either in the context menu or in the options settings).

If you want to use the background removal function, you need Windows 10 or above OS and a graphics card that supports DirectX 12.

DirectX 12 is supported by popular graphics cards such as NVIDIA Geforce GTX 900 series and above, AMD Radeon RX 400 series and above, all GCN architecture graphics cards such as Radeon HD 7000 / R200 series, and Intel 6th generation and higher IntelCore processors with integrated graphics such as HD Graphics 500. Also, the higher the video resolution and frame rate, the higher the GPU usage, see Background Removal for more information.

Please note that even if your graphics card supports DirectX12, its performance may be affected by various factors such as driver version, graphics card model, CPU, memory, etc. Being able to run iVCam does not mean that it can run perfectly (Larger video sizes and higher frame rates require higher system performance), please try it before making a judgment. It is recommended to update your graphics card driver to the latest version when using iVCam.

If you are using iVCam along with other GPU-intensive programs such as live streaming programs, the lagging may be caused by poor graphics card or high resolution and frame rate, in this case, we suggest you to use a lower resolution and frame rate for iVCam or live streaming programs.
iVCam for Windows Download

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