Mackeeper (2020 Latest) Free Download

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Mackeeper 2020 Free Download

Mackeeper 2020 Features:
  • Clean my Mac, get my disk space back. A clean Mac isn’t magic. Duplicates Finder hunts down copies of files and deletes them from your Mac. It's the fast, easy way to reclaim your disk space and clean your Mac system—everything the best Mac cleaner should do.
  • A genius way to clean up Mac apps for good. Smart Uninstaller finds and deletes all those app leftovers scattered throughout your Mac, so the apps you no longer want are gone for good. Need more disk cleanup? It even finds and removes unwanted widgets, plugins, and browser extensions.
  • Hunt down online threats before they attack. MacKeeper’s built-in antivirus protection keeps your Mac safe from malware, viruses, adware attacks, and other dangerous stuff. It’s internet security at its best.
  • Find and control a lost Mac from your smartphone. If your Mac is ever lost or stolen, just use Track My Mac to find it on a map and snap a webcam photo of the suspect. Use your smartphone to lock your Mac remotely with the free Track My Mac app for iOS.
  • Adware got you down? MacKeeper can fix that. No one likes adware. It’s not just annoying; it can be dangerous, too. Mac Keeper’s built-in Adware Cleaner finds and deletes these malicious apps, quickly and effortlessly.
  • Optimize your Mac memory and performance. Is your Mac feeling bogged down? It can help to free up Mac RAM memory in real time. You’ll notice the difference, especially when using resource-intensive apps.
  • Tune up your Mac’s startup time. Too many login items can slow it down. But the app is a Mac system optimizer that puts you back in the driver’s seat—you decide what loads and what doesn’t during Mac startup.
  • Never miss patches or upgrade. No matter where you get your apps, MacKeeper is a Mac optimization software that checks all of them for available updates, patches, and upgrades.
  • MacKeeper prices start at $14.95/month. You can check the current pricing or any available discounts by clicking Pricing in the top-right corner of the website.
Mackeeper 2020 Free Download

Mackeeper 2020 Info:
MacKeeper is an advanced system care manager for macOS that provides all Mac users with fast, reliable, and multi-layered protection that can even make their daily workflow optimized for better storage performance. This comprehensive cloud-powered utility manages almost all aspects of the modern Mac ecosystem, providing users with streamlined access to its Cleaning, Security, Performance, and Privacy tools services that can perform tasks both automatically in the background and manually with full user oversight. Tested by more than 3 million Mac users located in over 240 countries, MacKeeper today represents the most trusted data protection, security, and privacy management tools on the market.

MacKeeper tools and services are separated into several categories that all work together to provide your desktop or laptop Mac with the best protection and performance. Its Cleaning tools cover advanced cleanup of unneeded junk files, duplicated files, and smart uninstaller that will remove files that official uninstallers failed to delete. Security is handled with the comprehensive Antivirus and Adware cleaner that look for both local and online threats, automatically blocking detected malware, virus, and spyware attacks.

It can even track and remotely lock lost or stolen Macs with built-in map tracking and detecting the unauthorized users via webcam view. Finally, the app also constantly monitors the usage patterns in an effort to find any way to maximize the performance of the Mac hardware. This is achieved with intelligent RAM cleaning, app updating, and countless other small and big tactics for freeing up hidden performance.

The user interface of the app is simple and intuitive, with a dashboard that promotes easy discovery of all of its tools. The left side of the screen is left for the clean listing of all of its major tools (Find & Fix, Safe Cleanup, Duplicate Finder, Smart Uninstaller, Memory Cleaner, Update Tracker, Login Items, Internet Security, Track My Mac, Private Connect, and Anti-Tracking), while the rest of the app is left for a listing of seated tools, diagnostic and more.

Mac Keeper is a premium app that is well worth your attention and money. It can be activated with three simple premium plans, a monthly or yearly subscription for a single Mac, and the most effective 12-month plan for 3 Macs that is recommended to most users.

Mackeeper 2020 Free Download

Mackeeper System Requirements 2020:
System requirements
Operating System:
MacKeeper 4: Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later 
MacKeeper 5: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later
64-bit Intel-based processor or newer
2 gigabytes (GB) 
Disk Space:
100 megabytes (MB) 

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