Amphetamine For mac Free Download

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Amphetamine is a unfastened utilities and equipment software advanced through William Gustafson. The software maintains Mac computers turned on via consumer-exact triggers.

Amphetamine is created for users who need to preserve their computers conscious and open always through specific input strategies. There are some users who don’t need their computers to sleep, dim or automatically open the screensaver whilst left in idle. Before putting in the software program, user ought to first have a macOS 10.10 Yosemite or a better version. It continues both the pc and show awake in two approaches: both the use of the software program’s on/off switch or customizable Triggers. The software program balances powerful functionalities with intuitive and easy features. 

The first on/off choice allows beginning of a maintain-wide awake consultation at the software program’s menu. Users can maintain their laptop wakeful indefinitely, unsleeping for an quantity of time, or unsleeping best a selected time of the day. Having a laptop wide awake is beneficial whenever customers ought to download a huge report or keeping an application going for walks. The second choice is an develop waking automation via a cause. There are numerous trigger options that customers can pick. 

The cause activates by means of connecting an outside show, USB, Bluetooth tool or AC strength is hooked up, walking a frontmost utility, charging the Mac’s battery, at the identical time the battery reaches above a energy threshold, gaining access to a specific IP deal with or WiFi community, making use of headphones or an audio output and mounting a power or quantity.

The software program comes with additional functions aside from wakeful mode. It has a force Alive mode to keep the laptop’s force constantly going for walks. It lets in integration with AppleScript. It additionally works with Mac-different features like macOS dark mode, in addition to Retina shows. Customers could have their menu bar icon strolling within the software. They can maintain their Mac open whilst the display is in sleep mode. 

Amphetamine For mac Free Download

They are able to allow their computer’s screensaver to run once the time period of inaction is carried out. There may be an optionally available show for consultation time last in 12 or 24 hour format. The software program can mechanically terminate its wide awake session as soon as the battery runs low. They can assign hot keys for a less complicated starting/finishing of classes.

Amphetamine is an answer for computer systems that will be predisposed to shut when left in idle. It keeps any strolling programs open for a distinct time, in addition to awake computer systems with specific triggers.

Any other well worth citing feature is the truth that Amphetamine comes with quick toggling capabilities through its built in international hot-key help. Furthermore, in case you want to trade the new-key aggregate, click the gray button with a wrench image on it and from in the possibilities menu, pick the document Shortcut option.

Also, from the identical preferences menu, you can select to release Amphetamine at Login and set durations of time and then to receive reminders that Amphetamine is lively.

Amphetamine For mac Free Download

Taking all things into consideration, Amphetamine is a streamlined and useful utility which comes in accessible if you are searching out a brief and efficient way to save you your Mac's show going to sleep while you want it maximum.

Quickly start a keep-awake session from Amphetamine's menu to keep your Mac awake.
  • Indefinitely, for a specified amount of time, or until a specified time
  • While a file is downloading
  • While a specific app is running
During a keep-awake session, choose to allow or prevent:
  • Display sleep
  • Screen saver activation
  • System sleep when built-in display is closed
  • Automated mouse cursor movement
  • Locking of the screen
Create a Trigger to automatically keep your Mac awake.
  • While an external display is connected
  • While your Mac's display is being mirrored
  • While a USB or Bluetooth device is connected
  • While a specific app is running
  • While a specific app is running and is frontmost
  • While your Mac's battery is charging and/or when the battery is above a threshold
  • While your Mac's power adapter is connected or disconnected
  • While your Mac has a specific IP address
  • While your Mac is on a specific Wi-Fi network
  • While your Mac is connected to Cisco AnyConnect VPN service
  • While your Mac is using a specific DNS servers
  • While headphones or another audio output is in use
  • While a specific drive or volume is mounted
  • While your Mac's CPU is being utilized to a specific threshold
  • When your Mac has been idle for a specific threshold - Amphetamine For mac Free Download

Amphetamine is the most powerful and customizable keep-awake utility ever created for macOS. Some other notable features are:
  • Lock your Mac's screen after a period of inactivity
  • Move the mouse cursor periodically
  • Keep your MacBook awake while its display/lid is closed
  • Keep your drive awake with Drive-Alive
  • AppleScript support
  • Use your own menu bar icons
  • Use your own notification sounds
  • Allow your display to sleep while keeping your Mac awake
  • Allow screen saver to run after a customizable period of inactivity
  • Optional session time remaining display in the menu (with 12/24 hour support)
  • Auto-end session if your Mac's battery is low
  • Hot key support for starting/ending sessions, enabling disabling display sleep, and more - Amphetamine For mac Free Download

Amphetamine System Requirements:
Amphetamine requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher; some features require a higher version of macOS
Amphetamine supports Retina displays and macOS dark mode.
Category: Utilities
Version: 5.0.3
Size: 4.12 MB
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later

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