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Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz USA

To be had on all Mercedes-Benz, including older models with the usage of an adaptor and digital hyperlink-up, Mercedes me offers more than a few online offerings that seamlessly join your automobile on your telephone, tablet or pc. Mercedes me connects your vehicle for your gadgets through the Mercedes-Benz app that's available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded on to your phone or pill. Rather, the Mercedes me can connect with your vehicle through the Mercedes me on line portal when accessing on a laptop or Mac. Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz Canada

Designed to beautify the overall motoring revel in, Mercedes me offers the highest standards of care and support as well as innovative offerings that work towards taking the strain out of certain motoring elements which include parking and navigating your way to an unusual area.

Mercedes me virtually is the following-step in automotive era and is putting standards within the enterprise for enhancing and enhancing motoring reviews for drivers. With simply the touch of a button out of your cellphone or tablet, the functions available with Mercedes Me are activated, giving motorists the potential to monitor their car's overall performance, remotely lock their vehicle or even check gasoline ranges- only a fraction of the functions which Mercedes me hosts.

Mercedes me fuel test, in no way be caught out again- the gasoline take a look at characteristic lets in motorists to keep a watch on gas tiers remotely. Checking your gas stages from the comfort of your private home, or even your office at work is now possible, with the Mercedes me fuel check feature. Your smartphone or tablet will certainly show your gasoline level via the Mercedes me app. This feature is available as wellknown on all automobiles with COMAND, except E-class. Option to purchase from Mercedes me join store for all different automobiles problem to specification.

Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes me Parked automobile Locator, there's not anything worse than parking in a location which you are not familiar with and being not able to discover your automobile by means of forgetting wherein you have parked. Fortuitously, the Mercedes me Parked automobile Locator function makes forgetting in which you have parked your vehicle a issue of the beyond. By means of displaying your motors place on a map via your smartphone or pill, parking in unfamiliar locations not desires to be a demanding part of driving. This feature is available as standard on all vehicles with COMAND, apart from E-magnificence. Option to buy from Mercedes me connect save for all different automobiles situation to specification.

Mercedes me far flung car Lock, make sure your automobile is secured at all times with the aid of the usage of the faraway automobile Lock, a function available with the Mercedes me technology. This feature lets in you to fasten the doorways of your parked automobile from your smartphone or tablet, even in case you're far from the car. Honestly use the Mercedes me app to get entry to this characteristic. This characteristic is available as wellknown on all vehicles with COMAND, except for E-class. Option to purchase from Mercedes me connect save for all different vehicles subject to specification.

Mercedes me access far flung Parking, the far flung Parking assist carrier provided by using Mercedes me takes the strain out of parking, permitting you to park your car remotely, and additionally detects parking spaces as your car drives past them. Certainly step from your car and use the app in your telephone to control the parking manoeuvre from outside the auto- the sensors and automated guidance/breaking allows your car to in shape inside the tightest of spaces, without a conflict. Consists of 3-yr subscription fee of £89. Available on E-magnificence models with top rate or premium Plus % and 360 ° digital camera simplest.

Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps Review | Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes me ship to vehicle characteristic, This provider allows you to discover the pleasant direction viable on your journey with the aid of allowing you to send locations directly in your Mercedes-Benz navigation system. The ship to automobile feature places motorists at ease, understanding that they're on the most green, fastest or shortest route, depending on choice. Wellknown on all motors with COMAND. Available to purchase from Mercedes me connect shop for all different cars challenge to specification.

Mercedes me Temperature manipulate, The Pre-access climate manage provider is best for frosty mornings or warm summer time days. Using your cellphone or pill, motorists are able to control the temperature in their vehicle and set up an excellent climate for an enjoyable using revel in from the touch of a button. This function is handiest plausible with Plug-In Hybrid and electric powered drive fashions.

Other Mercedes me offerings: Mercedes me assist, This feature gives a tailor-made service for Mercedes-Benz drivers, together with online get right of entry to to customer service which gives computerized appointment booking.

Mercedes me inspire, The Mercedes me inspire feature lets in Merecedes-Benz drivers to preserve updated with the today's era and news through an online community.

Mercedes me Finance, This function is a convenient manner for Mercedes-Benz proprietors to control their finance agreement and song payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mercedes me App, down load the app to get admission to all functions and capabilities presented through Mercedes me join to your iOS or Android cellphone or tablet - whenever, anywhere.

Mercedes me Adapter, All Mercedes-Benz owners can benefit from this unique and modern piece of era. If your Mercedes-Benz doesn't come with Mercedes me connectivity, or if you have an older version but still need to gain from this innovative piece of era, you can take advantage of all of the capabilities provided the usage of the Mercedes me Adapter. Supported on each iOS and Android, the Mercedes me adapter permits you to attach your vehicle to all of the Mercedes me Adapter functions using your telephone. The Mercedes me Adapter reads your vehicle's facts and sends it to the adapter app and lets in get entry to to all of the functions of your Mercedes me Adapter for your device. The Mercedes me adapter can be suited to your automobile at your neighborhood provider.

Full Feature List: Discover all of the features available with Mercedes me connect.
Remote Access Service:
  • Remote StartDisclaimer. Start your vehicle’s engine remotely, and automatically heat or cool the cabin to your last climate control setting.
  • Remote Door Lock & Unlock. Lock or unlock your vehicle from virtually any location, and know that your vehicle is always secure.
  • Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status. View the latest data from your vehicle, including mileage, fuel level, tire pressure and more.
  • Parking Damage Detection & Advanced Interior Alarm Sensor. Notification of impact to parked vehicle and any unexpected motion events inside your vehicle.
  • Point-of-Interest Download. Send an address from your phone directly to the COMAND navigation system in your car. When you get to your car, you can start navigating right away, or save the address to your head unit.
  • Charging and Pre-Entry Climate Control (EV). For hybrid and electric vehicles, view your charging status and activate climate control remotely.
  • PersonalizationDisclaimer. Adjust your in-vehicle settings such as ambient lighting, mirror folding, acoustic lock, easy entry, and more.
  • ENERGIZING Coach. Uses trip data and heart rate from compatible GARMIN devices to start one of our ENERGIZING Comfort programs in vehicle.
  • Vehicle Monitoring Services. Vehicle Tracker. View the current location of your vehicle on a map using your smartphone or computer.
  • Parked Vehicle Locator. Never forget where you parked again. See your vehicle’s location within a one mile radius, and get walking directions to it.
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen, the GPS system can assist in its recovery. Once you file a police report, the vehicle can transmit its location to help local authorities in locating the vehicle.
  • Geofencing. Set up a virtual boundary through the Mercedes me connect Portal, and be notified when your vehicle enters or exits that defined area.
  • Navigation Services. Live Traffic InformationDisclaimer. View live traffic information and optimized route guidance on your vehicle’s navigation.
  • Car-to-X CommunicationDisclaimer. With Car-to-X Communication, information is exchanged between vehicles on the road, alerting you to various hazards up ahead, such as an accident, fog or icy conditions.
  • Fuel & Charging Stations with PricingDisclaimer. When viewing your navigation, Mercedes me connect will display gas and charging stations on the map with helpful information like prices, fuel type, hours of operation and more.
  • Route Planning (EV)Disclaimer. Calculate your route based on your vehicle’s remaining range and the charge stations along the way. Parking Points-of-InterestDisclaimer.
  • Need parking? View parking facilities near your location, along with current availability and prices. Online Map UpdatesDisclaimer. Install the latest maps to your vehicle’s navigation by downloading updates over-the-air, without affecting the speed or performance of the head unit.
  • Weather OverlayDisclaimer. Have the option to view location-specific weather and temperatures within your navigation map. Included in the Mercedes me connect app.
Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz USA

Assistance & Support:

  • Maintenance Management. Get reminders of upcoming service, and book an appointment with your preferred service dealer.
  • “Hey Mercedes” Voice Control. For certain vehicles, LINGUATRONIC online voice control allows you to speak to your car and have it speak back.
  • Telediagnostics. With any vehicle, wear and tear is bound to happen. Be notified if your car is in need of servicing or a certain part needs to be inspected.
  • Accident Recovery. If you’re ever involved in an accident, receive immediate assistance and have a towing service arranged via Roadside Assistance.
  • Breakdown Management. In the event of a breakdown, your vehicle data and position will be relayed to the Roadside Assistance Center for immediate assistance.
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics. Allow your preferred service dealer to remotely retrieve vehicle data ahead of service, so your experience is as smooth as possible.
  • Software Updates. Get the latest software installed over the air, so your vehicle is optimized with the most current information from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Emergency Call ServicesDisclaimer. Automatically receive help from an emergency response agent if you’re involved in an accident, or place a call manually by pressing the SOS button in your vehicle.
  • Information Call and me Call ServicesDisclaimer. For general or Mercedes me connect-related questions, contact a Mercedes-Benz Concierge using the in-vehicle call button. If your concierge service is not active, a representative will be happy to help.
Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz Canada

  • WiFi HotspotDisclaimer. Your vehicle becomes a 4G WiFi hotspot allowing you to connect up to eight devices to the Internet.
  • TuneIn® Radio. Access TuneIn® radio using your vehicle’s head unit to surf between 70,000 live radio stations from around the globe. Search by artist or song, and explore categories like music genres, talk radio, sports, and more.
Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz USA

How to Activate Your Services, concierge-service.
Contact your dealer to get started.
Only your dealer can activate your services, so if they haven’t already, contact them and they’ll be happy to help. Then download the app, create a profile and have your Mercedes-Benz in the palm of your hand. And Please Contact or Find a Dealer.

Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps Overview of Services:
  • Start your engine – anytime, anywhere. Mercedes me connect lets you prepare for any trip using the Remote Engine Start feature. You can cool down or heat the cabin, so as soon as you step inside, you’re completely comfortable and ready to drive.
  • Get up-to-the-minute vehicle data. Mercedes me connect provides a quick snapshot of your mileage, fuel level, tire pressure, fluids and more. Plus you can see your vehicle’s location, whether you’re in a crowded parking lot or across the globe, and lock or unlock the doors at the tap of a button.
  • Protect what matters most. Using advanced alarm technology, Mercedes me connect notifies you immediately of any forceful exterior impact as well as any interior movements when your vehicle is parked and locked.
  • Enjoy maintenance and support with a personal touch. From maintaining your vehicle and scheduling service, to receiving help in the event of an accident, Mercedes me connect allows you to hit the road without reservation.
Mercedes-Benz Mobile Apps | Mercedes-Benz USA

Available on Android, iOS and Apple Watch.
The Mercedes me connect app gives you total control over your Mercedes-Benz, housing all of your remote access services, from Remote Start to Vehicle Tracker. Download the app today to take full advantage of your Mercedes me connect services.
Available on iOS and Android.

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