5 Ingenious Ways To Improve Off-Page SEO For Your Website

While ranking in search results is surely based on your website’s merits, but it is not the only thing that matters. In fact, securing better ranks in search results is more like a popularity contest. And this is likely done by placing your website and its content before the audience, where they usually come.

In fact, a more legit way of securing better rankings online is by securing backlinks. They simply act as votes for your website. However, not all votes are equally important. While some votes/backlinks matter more, there are some backlinks that simply do not matter at all.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to understand what sort of backlinks you should secure for off-page SEO for your website.

Guest Blogging

Although it is controversial, guest blogging is still one of the most effective methods for securing high-quality backlinks. When link building for your website using guest blogging, the only thing that you must keep in mind is maintaining the niche-relevancy. Besides, you can keep on distinguishing between various domain authorities and anchors for your website. The sole purpose of doing all this is simply to make sure that your website has a contextual backlink that associates with your content and your market.

Article Submissions

Another quite popular method for securing healthy backlinks for a website is article submission. Although it is more or less similar to guest blogging, the key difference lies in the fact that you can control the blogs that publish your content when guest blogging. But, when using article submission technique you rely solely on the willingness of the webmaster to review and publish your content on their website.

Brand Mentions

As already mentioned, ranking a website in search results is a popularity race, it is necessary for your audience to be able to recognize your brand. There could be instances when your brand name has already been mentioned on other popular websites and blogs. You can ask the bloggers to convert your brand mentions into backlinks and offer you a little credibility from their website. Or otherwise, you can also ask the bloggers to publish content mentioning your brand on their website. In either way, your brand mentions simply increase your popularity among your target audience. 

Repairing Broken Links

Apart from securing new backlinks, taking care of the existing ones is also necessary. If you really wish your website to rank better in SERP you should pay close attention to your existing link profile. If you find some broken or bad links to your website, you should either get them repaired or totally disavow them. Experts suggest that bad links can harm your website more than good links can benefit. Therefore, it is all the more important to take care of your existing backlinks.

Social Media Mentions

Last but not least, social media platforms are among the largest traffic areas online, and you can use them to your advantage. If you’ve been neglecting social media marketing, its time you should start investing time in it. Create pages for your brand on social media, partner up with social media influencers, and get your website/brand mentions across various profiles. It has been noted that nearly 50% of the referral traffic for top ranking websites comes from social media.

Whether you own an online business or simply run a lifestyle blog, off-page SEO is something that you cannot ignore. And if you could use the aforementioned techniques, you are sure to improve the overall rankings for your website in the search results.

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