Streamlabs OBS for Windows

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Streamlabs OBS for Windows

Streamlabs OBS for Windows

Streamlabs OBS for Windows

Streamlabs OBS for Windows Features:

Live streaming software for everyone
Streamlabs Desktop has everything you need to stream and create a memorable brand.
Broadcast your live stream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Everything you need to stream for free
Streamlabs Desktop comes built-in with everything you need to stream to the top platforms. Optimized for the best video and audio quality — capture your webcam, games, desktop, music, and microphone in one place. Create custom scenes for getting started, BRB, stream ending, and more.

Expand your reach with Dual Output
Stream to multiple destinations in vertical and horizontal format simultaneously. Set and customize resolutions, scenes, and sources for both layouts. Enjoy streaming to mobile-friendly platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and more. Go live to one of each format for free or more with Ultra.

Invite guests with Collab Cam
Live streaming with another person is easy. Simply share a link to add a guest or additional camera. They hear and see you and your chat while you stream. Invite a friend to chat or game or show off your pet, keyboard, or art. The possibilities are endless.

Make your stream look awesome
Choose from hundreds of free, beautiful, and professionally-designed overlays. From casual to modern to badass, you'll find something to fit your personality and brand.

Work your way
Easily personalize your Streamlabs Desktop layout with video, audio, chat, and recent events where you want it.

Create custom alerts
Set up dynamic notifications for the ultimate interaction. Alerts can be set for new followers, subscribers, tips, cheers, hosts, charity donations, and much more.

Drive engagement with fun widgets
Have fun with your audience with fully customizable tip trackers, polls, interactive games, follower/sub goals, chat overlay, and more.

Cloudbot is your new best friend
Our free chatbot provides entertainment and moderation features to protect your chat from trolls while also offering fun games, customizable commands, and more for your growing audience.

Record and post highlights in a snap
Easily edit and create highlight videos from replays for YouTube, TikTok, Reels, and more.

Streamlabs University and Creator Resource Hub offer step-by-step tutorials, videos, and more to get you started and advanced to the next level. Our 24/7 support team is also available via Discord or email to answer any of your questions.

Streamlabs OBS for Windows Info:

What is your relationship to OBS?
Streamlabs Desktop is built on top of the OBS engine. Streamlabs licenses the OBS engine under its open source general public license (GPLv2) and would not be possible without their years of hard work. Streamlabs itself is an open source project, our repo is here. Both teams have had transparent conversations on trust and partnership and have established plans to work together for creators moving forward.

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Which streaming platforms do you support?
Streamlabs supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo, and custom RTMP destinations.

What percentage of my tips does Streamlabs take?
Streamlabs does not take a cut from your tips. The only fees that you will be charged for funds received through Streamlabs tip links are standard processing fees imposed by the payment processor.

Do you have an API for developers?
Yes, we certainly do! Our REST API is available to any third parties looking to create custom integrations using our tools. You can find our documentation here.

Can you add (super awesome amazing idea)?
We are always looking to add features that will help improve your experience. If you have any cool ideas for what we should add next please suggest them here.

Streamlabs OBS for Windows

Streamlabs OBS for Windows Information:

How much does Streamlabs cost?
Streamlabs comes with everything you need to record video and live stream successfully for free, including live streaming software with dozens of widgets, built-in overlay themes and alerts, a tip page (we don’t take a cut), and Cloudbot moderation tools. We also have over 300 free overlays, video editing tools, a video intro and logo maker, social reminder animations, and merch store functionality.

Streamlabs Ultra is an entirely optional upgrade intended to help add an extra level of production value like customization of tip pages, access to 60+ app add-ons, and live stream sponsorship opportunities within the Streamlabs App Store. You’ll also receive access to a YouTube thumbnail and Twitch panel maker, priority support, and more. Streamlabs Ultra is $19/month or discounted when billed annually at $149/year.

When I receive a tip, where does the money go?
When a tip is made to a creator, the money is processed directly through the payment processor to the broadcaster's account. If you receive tips using PayPal, you can view your tip transactions directly in your PayPal account. If you receive tips using our credit card option, you can see your balance and initiate a withdrawal from your account within the tip settings page.

Can I use Streamlabs on my console or mobile device?
Yes, you can stream from your Xbox to Twitch using Streamlabs Console. To stream to other platforms or from other consoles you can use a capture device and Streamlabs Desktop.

You can also stream games and your camera from your smartphone or tablet using our free mobile app.

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