FBX Game Recorder for Windows

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FBX Game Recorder for Windows

FBX Game Recorder for Windows Features:

High performance HD recording
Smooth, easy streaming
Save highlights as you play


Hit a hotkey as you play to instantly save short videos of your best action

Leave FBX recording DVR-style – you’ll never miss a clutch kill again

FBX can record your windows desktop – great for web and older games

Capture high quality images of the most interesting moments to share with friends

Go live fast with rapid streaming set-up
FBX adjusts to your bandwidth, eliminating jerky streams.
Save streams to hard disk

Add GIFs, animated stickers, sound effects and more.

Write your own captions and change font, color, size. 

Savor the best stuff in glorious slow motion

FBX records in the background without lagging the game, using NVidia, AMD or Intel hardware acceleration.
We built it to handle all major game titles and give outstanding performance, even on older low spec PCs.
Whatever your set-up, you’re ready to get started with FBX Game Recorder.

FBX Game Recorder for Windows

FBX Game Recorder for Windows Info:

With FBX Game Recorder you can catch in really smooth HD and utilize amazing altering devices to take your gaming recordings to a higher level! Audit your ongoing interaction film, find the most outstanding aspects and save them as brief video cuts and GIFs. Share via online entertainment quick from the Recorder! All FBX center elements incorporated the free variant.
FBX records behind the scenes without slacking the game, utilizing NVidia, AMD, or Intel equipment speed increase. It builts it to deal with all significant game titles and give exceptional execution, even on more seasoned low spec computers. Whatever your set-up, you're prepared to get everything rolling with FBX Game Recorder.

Elements and Features
Moment Clasps: Hit a hotkey as you play to save brief recordings of your best activity quickly.
RECORD all day, every day: Leave FBX recording DVR-style - you'll at absolutely no point ever miss a grasp kill in the future.
Screen captures: Get great pictures of your ongoing interaction to impart to companions.
BOOKMARKS: Find the coolest or most insane minutes quick by dropping markers as you play.
STICKERS and GIFS: Nothing very says it like a sticker. Transfer your own pictures/GIFs or use them from the program.
Inscriptions: Compose your own subtitles and change textual style, variety, size. Try not to keep down currently, tell it the way things are!
SLOW-Movement: Appreciate the best stuff, projectile time style
Accelerate: Speed up film to race through exhausting scenes
FREEZE-Casing: Interruption on cool minutes for emotional impact

Does FBX work with each game?
FBX records pretty much every game that utilizes DirectX 9-12 or OpenGL. It additionally catches numerous more established games that utilization DirectX 7-8 - "we're adding support for a greater amount of these constantly."

Will FBX work with my PC?
Indeed. You don't require something new or strong, yet assuming you have that, FBX exploits it.

Is FBX free?
Indeed - yet for certain impediments. Recording time is restricted to 15 mins for every video and they convey a FBX watermark. Master plans are accessible to eliminate them.

On the off chance that you are searching for FBX Game Recorder choices, we prescribe you to download Movavi Screen Recorder or Bandicam Screen Recorder.

FBX Game Recorder for Windows

FBX Game Recorder for Windows

FBX Game Recorder for Windows Information:

Does FBX work with every game?
FBX records almost every game that uses DirectX 9-12 or OpenGL. It also captures some older games that use DirectX 7-8. 

Will FBX work with my PC?
Yes. You don’t need something new or powerful, but if you’ve got that, FBX takes advantage of it.

Is FBX free?
Yes – but each video will carry an FBX watermark. Pro plans are available to remove them.

I don't see the Overlay/HUD - what's wrong?
This is usually due to an older game that FBX doesn’t support.

In some cases, an anti-cheat application may be incorrectly blocking FBX – but FBX works great with the major anti-cheat apps, like Battleye, EasyAntiCheat and Punkbuster. 

Either way, we’d like to know – go to the Support tab and send us a report. We’ll check it out. 

FBX is causing lag or dropping frames - why?
One or more of these actions usually improves performance.
Go to the ‘Video’ tab in FBX’s Settings:

Select the right encoder – make sure you have a hardware encoder selected if one is available. 
Don’t set a higher frame rate than you need – recording at a higher FPS will waste processing power.
Reduce the resolution/quality of the recording – select something other than ‘Original’ for the resolution or reduce the quality setting.
Close unused apps running in the background – low free memory or apps competing for CPU are a common cause of problems.

Does FBX record Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, LoL, CS:GO, PUBG (on Tencent)?
Yes! For PUBG, set Tencent to use “OpenGL+” rendering.
FBX Game Recorder for Windows Download

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