4 types of Waste and their Recycling at an I.T. Office

4 types of Waste and their Recycling at an I.T. Office

Recycling our waste is being given a lot of priority these days as we slowly become more and more conscious about degrading our environment. Being eco-friendly is the new motto among many major companies these days. The governments all across the globe are urging its citizens to incorporate recycling in our everyday life. Science and technology have enabled us to recycle a lot of things that we use in our day to day life and have also helped us differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable products. A substantial source of waste products is I.T. companies as they house a number of employees in a building. This waste is generated by various activities, both essential and non-essential, in an I.T. office. Let’s have a look at these 4 different waste products and their recycling potential.

Food waste

Every I.T. firm has a vast number of employees in their offices and they all obviously need to eat. Whether they are provided food by the company or if they get the food from their homes, one thing is for sure that there will always be food waste which is simply thrown away. The food waste generated in these offices should be separately directed to gardens or lawns that can convert this waste into useful manure.

Paper waste

Paper waste is sometimes mixed with other forms of waste in a lot of places. I.T. companies also generate a lot of paper waste through various activities that they are involved in. Most firms do not pay heed to paper disposal in a proper manner. Paper can be easily recycled and can be used multiple times. It should not be wasted by disposing of it with other forms of waste that go straight to the dumping grounds. Instead, the paper waste should be disposed of separately so that it can undergo proper recycling.

Electronic waste

Electronic waste is something that most people do not take notice of. Big I.T. firms produce a lot of electronic waste as almost all their work is done on computers. C.P.U.s, keyboards, monitors and other electronics that stop working or get outdated, are usually just thrown straight into the bins. Experts at https://www.cjdecycling.com/ explain that many components of these electronic items are very harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. There are certain companies that I.T. offices can contact to help in recycling and disposing of electronic waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Plastic waste

Plastic is all around us. Almost every place of work produces some amount of plastic waste. I.T. companies and offices also produce a fair share of plastic waste. Most of the plastic waste, like the other waste, is simply thrown into the bin which is sent to the landfills. Plastic harms the environment as it never decomposes. A piece of plastic can stay on the earth for thousands of years before it even starts to show any signs of degradation. Thus firms should first of all, simply reduce the use of single time plastics and secondly should dispose of it separately so that it does not get mixed with biodegradable waste.

 Recycling and using eco-friendly material can contribute in a major way to heal the earth. It can also slow the process of further degradation of our planet. Adopting proper waste disposal techniques in I.T. offices and firms can leave a positive mark on the environment.

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