Home Network Security App Download for Android 5.0 and up

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Home Network Security App Download

Home Network Security App Download for Android 5.0 and up

Home Network Security App Info:

Home Network Security
Simply plug in to shield your smart home and connected devices from security threats
Prevents Intrusions | Blocks Hacking | Protects Privacy

What It Does
The Home Network Security station connects to your home Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable.
Once activated, the station scans all traffic passing in and out of your home network,
allowing it to prevent intrusions, block hacking attempts and web threats as well as protect your family’s privacy.

Smart Device Management From Anywhere
Check Devices provides vulnerability assessment including insecure software or settings and also weak password setting on your router.
Voice Control support Amazon Alexa® and Google Assistant™ to get status updates or even pause the internet through your smart speaker.

Empowers You To Take Control of Your Devices
Control the Home Network Security station and monitor your connected devices' usage on-the-go.
New Device Approval sends a notice when a new device connects to your network.
Disconnect Device to stop internet connection for unknown or unwanted devices.
Family Profile allows grouping of devices by family member and set rules by family member.

Enhance Your Data Security and Privacy
Protect your personal and financial data from hacking, phishing, ransomware and risky remote connections.
Network Protection prevent hackers from gaining control of your connected device and making changes to important settings.
Malicious Website Blocking uses Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network to prevent data breaches and avoid scam websites.
Dangerous File Blocking dynamically scan files in the cloud before they are downloaded to the requesting device.

Keep the Internet Safe for Your Kids
For parents, it is a powerful tool can help children develop healthy digital habits.
App Detection receives an alert when kids are using an inappropriate App.
Time Limits manage how long kids use the internet or YouTube.
Content Filtering sets rules to block inappropriate websites and content for different ages.
Trend Micro Guardian keeps the internet safe when your kid's device is on the cellular network.

Trend Micro Knows Better
500,000+ companies worldwide rely on Trend Micro to do business safely. We are not only protecting the enterprise but also each individual user. IT infrastructure continues to change, user behavior becomes riskier, and threats evolve. We continuously innovate to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS): Network Protection
Dangerous Site & File Blocking
Remote Access Protection
Profile-based Management
Website Filtering
Inappropriate App Used
Time Limits (Daily Time Quota / Allowed Access Times)
Connected at Home notifications
User friendly network dashboard
Smart Protection for your connected devices at home
(like Phone, PC, Smart TV, baby monitor, Game Console and more)

Home Network Security App Download for Android 5.0 and up

Home Network Security App for Android Features:

Trend Micro™ Home Network Security
Smart Protection for Your Connected Devices at Home

The Trend Micro™ Home Network Security app now provides security-conscious smart device owners the ability to scan their network for connected devices and potential risks for free, without an HNS Station.
When paired with an HNS Station, Trend Micro™ Home Network Security provides protection against cyber attacks for every internet-connected device in your home, including game consoles, smart TVs, and smart
appliances. Yes, any product that is connected to the Internet now has the potential to be hacked,
leading to data and identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion.
Home Network Security with the HNS Station is advanced Internet protection in a box that is simple to set up and adds another necessary layer of defense to safeguard you and your loved ones against aggressive hackers and identity thieves.
This convenient smartphone app lets you check on your network or make changes on the fly. It also alerts you to important security events in your home network with timely notifications.
* Connect Safe - Provides protection against cyber-attacks for every internet-connected device in your home.
* Plug-n-Protect - Simply plug the box into your wireless router, download the app, and you’re ready.
* Control at your Fingertips - You can control the usage and security of all the Internet-connected devices in your home mobile app.
* Internet Safety for Kids on any Network - Allows you to set time limits on game consoles and block social apps during homework and family time. Use with Trend Micro Guardian to extend internet safety on your child's phone or tablet to any network, Wi-Fi or mobile.

Home Network Security App 6.94 Download

Home Network Security App for Android Info:
Updated 16 December 2021
Size 86M
Installs 100,000+
Current Version 6.94
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content rating Rated for 3+
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Permission View details
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Offered By Trend Micro Inc. / トレンドマイクロ株式会社

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