Tencent WeSecure Review and Download

Tencent WeSecure Review and Download

Tencent WeSecure Review and Download - these days, three foremost antivirus checking out labs said an example of test dishonest that might virtually damage users. Virus Bulletin, AV-test Institute, and AV-Comparatives mentioned that Tencent, a chinese language software and internet enterprise, changed its antivirus with the very precise purpose of gaming overall performance checks employed via AV-take a look at.

Tencent WeSecure, in the course of January 2017 we evaluated 21 mobile security products for Android using their default settings. We always used the maximum modern version of all products for the checking out. They have been allowed to replace themselves at any time and query their in-the-cloud services. We centered on malware detection and usefulness, which includes performance and fake positives. products needed to exhibit their competencies using all additives and safety layers. Tencent WeSecure Review and Download.

AV-take a look at measures an antivirus product's effect on device overall performance with the aid of comparing how long certain common responsibilities take with out a antivirus and with every product established. A near exam revealed a whitelist that mainly exempted the installers and programs used on this take a look at, so the antivirus skipped scanning them. simplest the programs used on this test have been listed, and on every occasion AV-take a look at brought or changed the packages they use, the listing became up to date to match.

Tencent WeSecure Review and Download

On the only hand, skipping the test could truly make sure the antivirus didn't placed a drag at the software in query. on the other hand, reputedly any application, even a malicious one, could be skipped if its call confirmed up at the whitelist. So, with a view to get an awesome overall performance rating, Tencent's developers put their users at danger.

This information comes hard at the heels of another instance of take a look at "cheating," one which did no obvious damage to users (except by means of depriving them of accurate check effects). On the first day of the latest RSA conference, a weblog put up on Baidu.com accused antivirus organization Qihoo 360 of cheating on tests finished by using AV-Comparatives. Chrome's computerized translation is a chunk sketchy, however reputedly the poster is going by means of the cope with "unique Investigator" and has no reputable connection with Baidu's antivirus department. among other things, the put up claimed that the version of Qihoo's software program supplied to testers differed in considerable methods from that presented to consumers. Tencent WeSecure Review and Download.

I spoke with principals of one testing lab rapidly after this facts came out, and also tested for myself that not most effective does the for-testing version of Qihoo use specific default settings, it's miles definitely a completely special construct. primarily based in this revelation, AV-Comparatives, AV-check Institute, and Virus Bulletin revoked all certifications acquired by means of Qihoo since the start of 2015.

My Qihoo contacts say they made no secret of the fact that they supplied a unique model for testing. i'm nonetheless ready to hear from them why Qihoo might pay to license 1/3-birthday party antivirus engines after which leave them became off through default.

Tencent WeSecure Review and Download

anyhow, a savvy person may want to get the equal antivirus safety that the labs did by using turning on the 2 1/3-birthday celebration antivirus engines inside the loose Qihoo 360 total safety important. i've visible no proof of any energetic threat to the consumer. Tencent WeSecure Review and Download.

Caveat Emptor, Baidu, Qihoo, and Tencent are all large gamers in China's net economic system, with services and products in many areas; antivirus is just one. The antivirus teams at Baidu and Qihoo are working to establish a presence within the U.S. and Europe, however Tencent is much less famous within the West. it is unlikely this cutting-edge take a look at chicanery will affect you, however it shows the lengths some agencies will visit which will get a great rating. The antivirus testing labs plan a extra stringent examination of all tested merchandise going forward.

Tencent WeSecure Review and Download

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Tencent WeSecure Review and  Download
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