McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger - McAfee Stinger is a portable antivirus that is used to detect and remove specific viruses to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system.

McAfee Stinger is designed to detect viruses and remove them becomes easier compared to other antivirus programs. Installation of the Laptop / PC does not need installation, this is a standalone software. Very useful to remove and clean the virus that has infected PCs usually reject the installation of security software. McAfee updates will be updated several times a week to detect viruses and malware are also constantly updates timeless.

McAfee Stinger

A very simple interface that will make it easier to run and mengoperasikannya.Dalam main view there are only a few essential buttons, and can easily access the advanced settings menu to set options in the running McAfee.
This program you can embed in your PC or laptop as a protection to keep it safe from the latest virus infection though. So as you struggle painstakingly rid of the virus that can not afford regular Antivirus removed, try using McAfee Stinger anti virus, this program may be quite useful.
The advantages of this antivirus is a stand-alone program or a portable, no need special installation, use high impact, low cpu and ram.
Might be aware that McAfee Stinger is not a substitute for a full Antivirus Program in the PC, but rather an application that helps you when dealing with a system that is already infected.

McAfee Stinger Link Download:

McAfee Stinger 64-bit Download 
McAfee Stinger 32-bit Download

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