DragonDisk 1.05 Free Software Download

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DragonDisk 1.05
DragonDisk 1.05 Free Software Download - DragonDisk is a  document administration device to get to Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and Amazon S3  good distributed storage administrations. The Windows Explorer like graphical UI gives access to capacities, for example, reinforcement, information association and sharing. DragonDisk is freeware and deals with Windows, Mac OS X and different Linux circulations. A charge line sync apparatus is accessible for each of the three stages, as well. A portion of the propelled elements of DragonDisk include.

DragonDisk include:

  • Cut, duplicate, glue and drag&drop 
  • Duplicate or move documents between Amazon S3 accounts 
  • Intermediary support 
  • Work queueing 
  • Envelopes synchronization 
  • Amazon S3 qualifications encryption 
  • Records uprightness control 
  • Metadata editorial manager (custom HTTP headers) 
  • Filename channels 
  • Customer side pressure and encryption support

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DragonDisk 1.05 For Windows Free Software Download
DragonDisk 1.05 For Mac Free Software Download
DragonDisk 1.05 For Linux Free Software Download
DragonDisk 1.05 For Ubuntu Free Software Download
DragonDisk 1.05 For Mandriva Free Software Download

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