AdFender 2.26 Software Free Download

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AdFender is a propelled application that channels different diverse sorts of substances from pages and keeps certain data from going out to web servers. On the off chance that your substance is sifted, it can spare you profitable time and data transmission. That, as well as upgrades your online protection. AdFender 2.26 Software Free Download

AdFender 2.26 Software Free Download

AdFender is a neighborhood -sifting HTTP intermediary server. Generally, when you see on the web, your web program contacts web servers straightforwardly to recover particular pages that you ask. Now and again, notwithstanding, web programs are arranged to utilize a go-between called an intermediary server (An intermediary server is a system that acknowledges demands from a web program to recover a particular site page and afterward contacts the web server containing that site page).

AdFender 2.26 Software Free Download

The intermediary then passes every one of the information from the webserver to the web program. AdFender utilizes the name of the page (URL) that a program would ask for as the base of its operational choices. On the off chance that AdFender confirms that the solicitation is for publicizing, the solicitation is then blocked, else it passes all information from the web server back to the web program.  AdFender 2.26 Software Free Download

Key components include:
  • Hinders a wide range of publicizing. 
  • Squares malware spaces. 
  • Programmed channel upgrades. 
  • Speeds up web scanning. 
  • Ensures online protection. 
  • Evacuates profiling treats. 
AdFender gives you a chance to take control of your scanning background. You can piece pennant promotions, video advertisements, pop-ups, and skimming promotions. You can accelerate web scanning and in this way spare data transfer capacity. You can likewise evacuate profiling treats and ensure your online protection. AdFender gives you a chance to look over numerous channel records and it consequently works with every single significant program including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

AdFender  2.26 Link Feature:
  • Blocks all types of ads
  • Blocks malvertisements
  • Blocks online trackers
  • Browse anonymously
  • Speeds up web browsing
  • Protects online privacy
  • Removes profiling cookies

AdFender  2.26 Free Link Download:
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7

Windows Vista (SP1)

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