SEO Quick Starter Pack: 7 Things To Consider

SEO Quick Starter Pack: 7 Things To Consider

Online presence for businesses is quite indispensable today. Perhaps, it is the most effective and efficient way to tap into new markets and scale your business. However, creating a website and publishing content won’t bring satisfactory results for your business. There’s a lot more to do and indeed it needs to be done continuously, throughout the lifecycle of your business. Yes, we’re talking about SEO for your website.

The online marketing landscape has been changing drastically, and there’s not much you can do about it, instead of complying with the updates. That being said, even if you comply with the updates, you would still need a basic setup, or perhaps, optimization for your website online.

This article would essentially help you with the basics that you must include into your website’s SEO right from day one.

Optimize Your Website’s Responsiveness

It needs no saying that if a user cannot see the content on your website, they might already press the back button and never return to your website. According to the experts at your website should be able to load properly on all screen sizes with all the functions working properly. In other words, if your website does not load properly on smaller screens such as mobile devices, it’s simply not good. Today, a majority of the organic, as well as referral, traffic comes from mobile devices. Simultaneously, it is also important for the search engines, as they reward responsive websites with better ranks in search results.

Originality Of Your Content

The content has always been, and would always remain the true king. As long as you can deliver your audience with fresh content, you can expect an improvement in organic search rankings. However. The freshness of your content is not sufficient alone. Google and other popular search engines make sure that duplicate content is not promoted since it violates the intellectual property rights of the original content creator. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure the originality of your content.

Online Connections For Your Website

It has been duly noted that backlinks affect the organic ranking of a website, dramatically. Consider these backlinks as your business connections online. Of course, the more connections you have, the more your business would prosper, given that you’re popular among your own industry. And this applies to your website as well. Your website needs backlinks from niche-relevant authoritative websites that essentially cater to the audience which resonates with your target audience.

Put Your Audience Before The Search Engines

It is not only important for your audience but the search engines as well, that you prioritize the human traffic rather than the bots. In other words, the true judge for your content is not the search engine but rather the actual human users who visit your website. Therefore, it is vital that you create content primarily for your audience rather than the bots. To put this in perspective, when you include keywords into your content, it is important that you do not stuff them but rather include them naturally. Google and other popular search engines also reward the content that is written for a human audience and not for the crawlers.

Optimize The URLs For Relevant Search Terms

SEO experts have identified a valuable trend that any website owner can manage to do on their own. You might have unknowingly come across it as well, but never would have noticed it. Search for anything on Google or any other search engine, and you shall find that the top results usually have the search terms or a part of it embedded in their URL. You can use this technique too and optimize each of your URLs for specific pages in accordance with their primary keywords.

Compress Anything That Slows Down Your Website

Of course, when a website lags to load, the user is more likely to bounce back. It has been observed that most of the users click the ‘back button’ if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load completely. Notably, there are a few known reasons that cause this delay in loading time. Large-sized photos, long codes, and even too many tags can cause a website to load slowly. However, by compressing these attributes the loading time can be improved.

Make Sure The Search Engines Can See Your Website

Most importantly, for improvement in organic search ranking your website first needs to rank somewhere. And for this reason, it is necessary that your website is visible to the crawlers. After all, the search engines are the only real connection between your website and its target audience.

For your website to be able to improve and bring valuable returns to your investment it is necessary that you include SEO practices from the very beginning. However, for advanced improvements in your website’s performance, you may need to get in touch with a proper SEO agency or an expert.

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